Life at Acumen

A company's culture is its personality. It tells people how to do their work. At Acumen we provide an open and honest environment. This is a workplace with high morale and motivation—and thus high productivity.

Acumen Overseas is a friendly and inviting place. So you will look forward to coming to work every day.

But don't take our word for this. Read what Acumen people have to say about working at Acumen.

The desire to rise and become somebody big in my life got me the urge to work for a company which respects my work, and give me respect for the capability that I possess. Plus, had a consistent urge to be a part of a department which is challenging and demands creativity and newness every time - and that was MARKETING. After my long haul and hunger to get into something powerful I realized that Acumen Overseas has 'THAT' Platform which I was looking for - ALWAYS. Here I was Recognized, Motivated and Rewarded for the work that I showcased. Most importantly I got THE PROFILE that I wanted to get into.
~ Rijuta Richi

I had joined Acumen Overseas in June'07. It was a new industry for me; still our company assigned a higher profile to me to look after one of our product for North & East India, which shows the confidence of our management in giving exposure to employees which really helps them grow.
~ Navneet Sharma